Biennial Award

Every two years the Cartazini gallery makes an award of 20 000 (euros) to an artist. Please note, this award is privately funded and no further sponsorships or commercial interests are sought.

The 'Cartazini Award' began in 1999 and was initially awarded posthumously, with the award being donated to related organizations and charities. From 2003 it was awarded to living, established artists. In 2007 it was awarded on the basis of a limted competition - open only to a pre-selected list of artists. The Award is an open competition - open to all artists and FREE to enter. It is being held again in 2013.

The winner of the 2013 Biennial award was the Indian artist; Sandhya Rao. We would like to tahnk everyone who took part in the award scheme and wish all artist the best for the future! You can still download a copy of the terms and conditions for the award at the following link. 2013 award document here.

Previous winners

Entry limited to established artists

1999 - Pino PASCALI (posthumous award)
2001 - Jean-Michel BASQUIAT (posthumous award)
2003 - Philip TAAFFE
2005 - Tyeb MEHTA
2007 - Geoff BUNN

Open Entry

2009 - Niamh O CONCHOBHAIR
2011 - Emma FOURNIER
2013 - Sandhya RAO